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The Fireman/Carpenter Principle


Let’s say you’ve been out for a nice dinner with your family and you get home to find your house on fire. Who is the best professional to handle this situation? A fireman. Why wouldn’t you call your dentist? Doesn’t he have a hose? You’re likely thinking, “That’s a stupid question!” Well, it’s a stupid question because you know that if he showed up with his tools, and his hose, he could get himself killed. The fireman is the best trained professional to handle the situation.

So, let’s walk through the scenario. The firetruck pulls up and the firemen basically have two tools to work with; hoses and axes. With the ax, the firefighter runs up to your house where he crashes your door in and then smashes the windows. The guy with the hose then runs in and starts spraying the inside of your house. Simple question: when the water he sprays hits the pictures of your kids, what does it do to them? The wall? What does it do to the carpet? The fire department has been there about 15 minutes and you are standing there, grateful for all the different ways they have destroyed your home. Even though they caused massive destruction you are not mad. Why? This is their job. But, can you live in that house? Is it toxic? Could it kill you? Let’s remember, the fire department has done a good job and has done everything they were supposed to do with the knowledge and tools they have to work with. That doesn’t mean your house is fit to live in.

A time will come when you’ve got to get back into your house. Who is the best professional to call now? The carpenter. He has to rip out walls and carpet and bring in the materials he needs to rebuild the house. Which professional is right? Both, based on the specific need of the house at the specific time. If the carpenter shows up to the house while it’s on fire, he looks like what? If he shows up with his hammer, nails, and lumber he looks ridiculous. Vice versa, if the fire department shows up and tries to rebuild the house with an ax and a hose, they look ill-equipped. Would you agree? Based on the need, you have to know which professional to call.

If you understand that example, you understand how healthcare should be run today. If you are having a stroke or a heart attack, should you call your Wellness Way Practitioner to see if they can help you? No! You need to call the professional trained to save your life in an emergency! But after the life has been saved, after all the warm thank yous to the doctors and nurses, you need to understand why you’ve had the heart attack or stroke. Your doctor or nurse may suggest a bland diet and exercise, but are they helping you to rebuild for a long and vibrant life? Can you rebuild a house with an ax and a hose? No, you can only put out a fire. Can you get your body back to normal with drugs or surgery? No, you can’t.

Today, we have fire department doctors. The Wellness Way Approach is the carpenter approach. We want to know what triggered your fire. The Wellness Way helps our patients to repair the weak spots where fires can start, rebuild where fires have been, and best of all prevent any possible fires so that you can live that long and vibrant life! How do we do that? Well, you already know we use the three T’s, but how do we determine what we need to do to for you specifically? This is where our motto comes in: We Don’t Guess, We Test!

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