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The Parable of the Firefighters and the Carpenter


Everyone here has a home. You love it dearly, but life has gotten in the way, and you’ve let it fall into disrepair. There is a hole in the roof, some wiring is exposed, and there are some foundation issues. You have two choices: make the necessary repairs, or let it degrade further. Most find the repairs too costly and time-consuming, so they let it go, only to wake one night to the smell of smoke. They run out of their house with an armful of their most prized possessions, call the fire department, and watch as firefighters use axes to bust out windows and knock down doors, their hoses douse the walls, furniture, floors, and more. When the firefighters are done and the fire is out, they look at the house and say to the owner, “My work here is done. It’s safe now.” The owner thanks the firefighters for saving the house. They did, indeed, do a great job. However, is this house now comfortable to live in? Is it even livable at all? The answer is a resounding “no.” Time to call the carpenter. He looks at the house and says “Man, what mess. We have a lot of work to do here. I wish you would’ve called before the fire. I can fix your house, but it will take a lot more time and effort now.”

Obviously, in this allegory, allopathic doctors are the firefighters. They have the tools and the training for emergency/acute situations. However, axes and hoses (drugs and surgery) are not the best tools for repairing or building a house. This is why the carpenter, or holistic physician, is the better choice for sustaining health, and for the chronic ailments that make up the overwhelming majority of doctor’s visits. We are especially adept at treating chronic conditions. Our training and our tools are designed to repair and restore the body, not to cover up symptoms.

Nearly all disease processes are a result of a toxicity, deficiency, hypersensitivity, or structural aberrations. The remaining are genetic, but genetics make up a measly fraction of 1% of all our health problems. The rest are all nurture, not nature. That means they can be cured. We, here at OCC, use modern testing techniques (blood, urine, stool, hair, etc.) to determine the root of your inflammation. Then, we use tried and true holistic treatments that are specific to you, individually, to address the cause. The body will then begin to heal and function the way it was meant to, with no impediments.

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