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“Dr. Osmon stands out in his field because of his genuine concern for my long-term well-being.  He is attentive, professional and personable.  The office is always a friendly place to be and their community outreach is amazing.

-Kelly R., Bloomington


I feel better than I have in the past 6 years and I’m 7 months pregnant!

Rosie F., Bloomington


I had been suffering from terrible vertigo on a daily basis.  My arms would tingle down to my hands.  My fingertips had a burning sensation and occasionally my arm would just become numb.  I went to several of my medical doctors but after 2 CT Scans and a nerve conduction test all they told me is that I would have to learn to live with it.  I met Dr. Osmon at a local event.  His assistant gave me a preliminary exam and Dr. Osmon interpreted it.  I was amazed that everything he was saying fit with how I was feeling.  After my first treatment I could tell that I was finally on the mend.  After only a few appointments my vertigo is gone and I am confident that when my treatment plan is over I will me much better.

Thomas R., Bloomington


My neck and shoulders have been giving me problems for years.  I was in pain every day and nothing seemed to help.  I noticed a difference after two weeks of treatment and now am pain free after just six weeks.

-BL, Bloomington

My overall health has greatly improved as well as my quality of life.  I have no more migraine headaches or neck pain and the stiffness in my back has greatly improved.

-Christina F., Bloomington

I have less neck, back and knee pain thanks to the well-rounded care plan that Dr. Osmon put together.  The massage, physiotherapy and orthotics have been very helpful.

-D. Day, Bloomington


Thanks to acupuncture I can breathe without the 6 medications I was previously on.  I still occasionally use a Zyrtec but no longer need my 3 inhalers, 3 different pills and neti pot.

Debbie D., Bloomington


I truly believe that I wouldn’t have become pregnant with my son or have gone through labor so easily if it wasn’t for the acupuncture care I received from Kellie.

Erika L., Bloomington


She’s (Kellie Osmon) made my life wonderful.  Whatever health issue that arises, she is able to help me tackle it.

Liz B., Martinsville


“After dealing with 10 years of neck and shoulder pain, Dr. Osmon was able to get me back to pain free in just 8 visits.  We’re still working on my range of motion but I hardly notice my shoulder anymore.”
EW, 54 year old male

“I have been looking for help with elbow pain for months.  Anti-inflammatories and braces helped me feel better but every time I tried to use my arm it would hurt again.  Dr. Osmon recommended I come and see him.  I’m glad that I did, I have been pain free for over 4 months.” RT, 34 year old female

“I’ve suffered with pain in both of my thumbs for over 15 years.  After just seven or so treatments I’m able to open jars and hold my coffee cup without pain.”
CL, 65 year old female

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