We were excited to once again be able to support the Pantry 279 food bank during Week 2 of our “Month of Giving”.  We have been a fan of Pantry 279 for years now.  While not as well known as some of the larger food banks in Monroe County, Pantry 279 has historically served a ton of families (nearly 3000 people) in the Ellettsville and western Monroe County area.  However with the onset of COVID-19 they have become one of the most utilized food pantries in southern Indiana as many other facilities have reduced hours or closed down altogether.  They are a great group of dedicated individuals working their tails off to provide support to those who need it most and they are in need of continued help from our community as the need for food and the demand on their staff has surged in recent months.

From their web page:

“Pantry 279 was conceived, built, and ran by 10 Girl Scouts from troop 69-279 as their Silver Award Project.  The girls, ranging between age 11 – 13 at the time, wanted to build a food pantry to help their friends at school who were only getting food while at school, due to family crisis.  

With the help of their Leader, parents and a partnership with Trinity Lutheran Church (where the pantry is housed), this was achieved and opened Nov. 2, 2015.  We expected that after a year of operation, to be serving 30ish people a week.  This happened on week 2.  The pantry has grown faster than anyone has ever expected!  We currently serve over 800 families a month, which equals over 2700 people a month, and we continue to grow,  

The girls who started this are now teens and preparing for college, and although they do still volunteer and one sits on our board, the decision was made, due to our size, to open to the public and all youth groups for volunteers and help.”  

We now provide education about food need and food insecurity to any group who asks.  We provide a place people, families, or groups ( especially youth ) can learn and do a wonderful, hands-on community service that really makes a difference.  We provide community gardens for fresh produce.  And mostly we provide very needed food once a week for families or individuals in need in Southern Indiana.”

Thank you to everyone who participated in our fundraising efforts for Pantry 279 and for helping us achieve our goal of donating $1000 for Week 2 of our “Month of Giving”.  Now on to Week 3!!!  Over the coming week we will be raising funds for the Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington.  I had the good fortune of meeting the Executive Director, Jeff Baldwin, years ago and was (and continue to be) impressed with his passion for the mission of the club and the essential work they do for the youth in our community.

As we have done many times over the past decade, for the month of August we will be offering an opportunity for anyone interested and in need of Chiropractic care to receive a consultation, full examination, any medically necessary X-rays and a report of our findings for only $25.  We will be donating the proceeds from this appointment to one of our chosen non-profits.  This week that will be the Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington.  This promotion has a proven track record over the years of successfully being a win-win for our patients and for our community.  It has allowed us to help 1000’s of patients experience the often life-changing benefits of Chiropractic care while allowing us to donate $10’s of thousand of dollars to non-profits throughout Monroe County and we feel there is no better time than now to bring this program back to life.

If you or someone you know is seeking relief from headaches, neck or back pain please share this article with them.  There’s no better time than now to improve your health and quality of life while supporting those in our community.  To take advantage of this offer simply Click Here.



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