With so much uncertainty, fear and frustration in the world right now it feels like a crucial time to do some good.  To that end, our Doctors and Staff have decided that we will make August a “Month of Giving” for our community from the Osmon Chiropractic Center.  As many of you know, our son Liam was diagnosed with cancer a couple years ago and thankfully had a successful (though nonetheless heart-wrenching) treatment and recovery.  It was a humbling and eye opening experience.  As a result of our journey we decided to give back to the cause locally by providing the “Osmon Chiropractic Pediatric Cancer Survivors Scholarship” for Ivy Tech students who have fought the battle with cancer and plan to use their experience to benefit others.  We are excited to kick off our “Month of Giving” by establishing this scholarship for the upcoming year and ask that if you know a qualifying student who is currently or plans to attend Ivy Tech please encourage them to apply for this scholarship through the school.

While we feel this is a great start we want to do more.  Our goal for the month of August is to donate $1000 per week to one of our local non-profit organizations.  Our focus is on improving support for the children and the fight against hunger in our community.  In an effort to help us reach this goal we are bringing back a program that has helped us help so many over the years.

As we have done many times over the past decade, for the month of August we will be offering an opportunity for anyone interested and in need of Chiropractic care to receive a consultation, full examination, any medically necessary X-rays and a report of our findings for only $25.  We will be donating the proceeds from this appointment to one of our chosen non-profits.  This promotion has a proven track record over the years of successfully being a win-win for our patients and for our community.  It has allowed us to help 1000’s of patients experience the often life-changing benefits of Chiropractic care while allowing us to donate $10’s of thousand of dollars to non-profits throughout Monroe County and we feel there is no better time than now to bring this program back to life.

So if you or someone you love has questions about or is in need of Chiropractic care Click Here to take advantage of this offer and help support our community.  If you have questions about whether or not Chiropractic is right for you simply email me at drosmon@drosmon.com and I will be happy to help.


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