There’s no secret to weight loss.  Eat better and move more, it’s that simple.  And when I say move more I’m talking about exercise.  Unfortunately, the hardest part of starting an exercise program is…..well, starting.  Chances are if you are embarking upon a weight loss program you are either lacking in the area of physical fitness or you’ve not been able to keep at it consistently.  Fear not, we are about to break down the basics of incorporating enjoyable regular physical activity into your daily life so that you can propel yourself towards your weight loss goals.

It’s all about momentum

Momentum is a powerful force, when it’s going against you it can often create immense struggle but when momentum begins to build in your favor things seem to get a bit easier and as momentum continues to build a seemingly daunting task can become almost effortless.  Now you can’t create momentum without movement.  So in order for you to create positive momentum with regards to physical fitness you simply need to get moving.  Some easy places to start would be taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking towards the back of the parking lot, not the front (you’ll get less dings in your car door and have less wait for a spot as well!).  What if you have a job where you sit all day?  Set alerts on your phone to remind you to find a reason to get up and move such as going to grab a drink of water, use the restroom or anything else you can think of.  You should also consider packing a healthy, easy to eat lunch instead of going out to eat and then take that extra 15-20 minutes of your lunch break to go for a quick walk.  In addition to burning a few extra calories, you will be more alert and productive for the rest of the day.  Better yet if you can convince a coworker to adopt this habit with you so you can help keep each other accountable.

Making life better with physical activity

If there were a secret to making weight loss easy it would be to incorporate regular, enjoyable physical activities into your daily routine.  The great thing about doing this is that if done correctly it will lead not only to accelerated weight loss but also to better relationships, better health and a higher enjoyment of life.  Think about it, wouldn’t creating the habit of going for a daily walk and talking with your spouse bring you closer than sitting on the couch watching television?  What if you also scheduled some time on the weekend to go hiking with a friend instead of communicating via Facebook?  Certainly throwing the football with your son or shooting some hoops with your daughter instead of playing video games would lead to better quality time.  You can even get Fido in the mix by taking the dog for a walk instead of just sending them out into the back yard to run.  Get creative with this.  Where else can you build in some regular, enjoyable activity?

Physical activity doesn’t have to be boring and it doesn’t have to alway be strenuous.  It is true that a higher intensity exercise program will speed the weight loss process and lead to better strength and long term health but it’s not an either or situation.  As a matter of fact, I would encourage you to take the steps mentioned above and begin to make them habits of your daily living.  Make them a part of your lifestyle.  Once this level of increased activity becomes “just what you do” then begin to step it up with a higher intensity exercise program.  Doing so will allow you to build an initial level of fitness, reducing the risk of injury and suffering, before embarking on a more intense program.  But remember, once you transition into a more intense level of physical activity, keep these little daily routines going.  Not only will you experience more opportunities for quality time with those you care about, you will also rapidly propel yourself towards your weight loss goal with all of the extra activity.

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