Being a Chiropractor is an unbelievable experience.  Every day we get the opportunity to work with and help a variety of patients, some are really suffering from pain or a life-altering disability while others feel great and simply want to do everything they can to stay that way both now and in the future.  It’s a truly humbling and rewarding experience to drastically improve a persons life with your own hands.  To understand why we love Chiropractic so much it’s important to understand what we believe our role is in the health of our patients and the community.


So What Do We Believe?


As Chiropractors we believe that we improve the lives and futures of our patients by correcting the cause of their pain and discomfort, reducing their stress and most importantly preventing future health problems. We know that as a population we are living much longer lives but those extra years are often not very high quality due to pain and a loss of mobility.  We know that the number one cause of this disability as we age is a disorder of the spine or musculoskeletal system and this is most often a result of neglecting to take proper care of ourselves.  We believe that everyone deserves to have the highest quality of life throughout their entire lives and that we have the ability to help accomplish this. And finally, we believe that we are the most effective and affordable solution to this problem both now and in the future and have the results to prove it!


Isn’t That Better Than the Alternative


Now doesn’t that sound a lot more motivating than blaming pain on “I’m just getting old”.  What a quitter attitude!  The simple fact of the matter is that every day we (yes even us Chiropractors) are doing things that negatively impact our joint function and spinal alignment causing an increased wear and tear on our spines.  We sit too long, we stand too long, we stare at the computer or our smartphone for hours a day, we slouch, we lift things wrong, we bend over patients all day…. The list goes on and on.  Over time all of these improper activities coupled with bad joint alignment will begin to cause pain and premature degeneration (think arthritis) of our joints which will eventually limit our mobility and overall quality of life.  So it’s not a result of “just getting old”, it’s a result of not treating these misalignments and taking stress off of the spine as it occurs and just letting the wear and tear pile up over the years.


The Choice is Yours


So which scenario sounds better?

Option 1:  Be proactive and choose a Chiropractor who loves what they do and is confident in their ability to help you live a happier, healthier life with significantly better mobility as you progress into your “golden years” so that you can enjoy the leisure activities that you enjoy well into retirement.

Option 2:  Let life happen and wake up one day realizing you can no longer walk around the grocery store without back pain, struggle to play with your grandkids and are limited in your “leisure” activities in retirement.  And I won’t even get into what happens if you neglect yourself long enough that only drugs or surgery become an option…

I’m choosing Option 1 all day long.  But it makes sense, doesn’t it?  If you know the most likely cause of disability as we age is a spinal disorder and we need a healthy spine to REALLY enjoy our lives both now and in the future why wouldn’t you make the decision to take preventative steps to keep this disability from happening?

Did you know that 85% of our population is going to suffer from some form of spinal disorder at some point in their lives?  That is an ABSURDLY high number and much of those disorders are easily preventable.  The simple fact of the matter is that the number of folks suffering from disorders of the spine is so high is because people wait until the get “in pain” or their back “goes out” before they do something about it.  They let life happen instead of being proactive.

So why do we love Chiropractic?  Because as Chiropractors we have the ability to drastically improve the future of every patient that we touch.  Because the better quality of life that our patient has the more high quality opportunities they will have to create lasting memories with their children and grandchildren.  And quite frankly, because it’s fun!



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